Why we need to do fund raisers

We are a small private school. This means unlike public & charter schools, we get no state or federal funding. Unlike religious schools, we have to pay 100% of the expenses it takes to run our school. Each year many sacrifices are made in order to keep tuition costs affordable and to allow students who may not be able to afford to attend to be part of our school community. We would like to open the opportunity to attend Lighthouse Montessori School to more students regardless of their socioeconomic status.


Community Benefits

Lighthouse Montessori School offers families with preschool & elementary-aged children, an educational alternative ~ one which seeks to educate the whole child. In addition to the standard curriculum of math, reading, language, science and cultural studies, students at LMS receive regular exposure to art, music, development of a second language and hands on experiences in the community. We are serving gifted and talented children, children of average intelligence and children with special needs who are seeking more than what the public school system can provide. Our approach is customized to meet the needs of each individual child.


We strive to build students who excel not only academically, but also have developed self-discipline and an inner drive toward seeking knowledge. We work to instill the importance of honesty, virtue, good manners and hard work. We feel we are building our community's future leaders today.

Lighthouse Montessori Farm School Fundraiser


Building a Work and Agriculture Learning Environment for Children and Families.

In recent decades, our world has experienced a disconnect in understanding basic work principles and where our food comes from, and in appreciating the land and the environment that surrounds us.

What can you do to help?

The Lighthouse Montessori Farm School Project is an educational opportunity geared toward teaching our community and families agricultural awareness. The Lighthouse School's goal is to build a Farm School that provides activities and learning opportunities that are now absent from most children's lives and which will include:

  • outdoor exploration
  • agricultural science
  • domestic sciences
  • environmental sciences
  • entrepreneurial skills
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All our handling of the child will bear fruit, not only at the moment, but in the adult they are destined to become.